2nd Regiment Cavalry

July, 1862: Organized at Helena, Ark., and Pilot Knob, Mo
December, 1862: Attached to Helena, Ark., District Southwest Missouri, Dept. Missouri.
January, 1863: 2nd Brigade, 3rd Cavalry Division, District Eastern Arkansas.
April, 1863: 2nd Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, 13th Army Corps, Dept. Tennessee.
May, 1863: 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, District of Eastern Arkansas, Dept. Tennessee.
October, 1864: District of Southwest Missouri, Dept. Missouri.
January, 1865: 3rd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. Missouri.
February, 1865: Unattached Cavalry, District West Tennessee.
August, 1865: 1st Brigade, Cavalry Division, District West Tennessee.


April, 1863: Duty at Helena, Ark.
July, 1863: At Fayetteville, Ark.
September, 1864: At Cassville, Mo.
June, 1863: (Co. “B”) at Benton Barracks, Mo.
July, 1863: At Cape Girardeau, Mo.
August 9-18: Scout from Cape Girardeau to the Ash Hills and Poplar Bluff, Mo.
August 13: Skirmish, Ash Hills.
August 18-26: Expedition from Cape Girardeau to Pocahontas, Ark.
August 22-23: Skirmishes, Pocahontas.
July 30: Elm Springs.
August 23: Near Fayette (Detachment).
September 1: Jenny Lind.
November 25: Crawford County.
December 26: Barronsville, Searcy County.
December 29: Waldron.
January 10, 1864: King’s River.
January 16-February 15: Operations against Guerrillas in Northwest Arkansas, in Newton, Searcy, Izzard and Carroll Counties.
January 17: Lewisburg.
January 22: Clear Creek and Tomahawk.
January 23: (Co. “C”) Bailey’s or Crooked Creek.
February 5: Crooked Creek.
February 9: Tomahaw Gap.
February 19-April 4: Expedition from Rolling Prairie to Batesville.
March 13-26: Scouts from Yellville to Buffalo River.
March 24: Oil Trough Bottom (Detachment).
March 25: Near White River.
March 29-April 1: Constant scouting and skirmishing with Guerrillas. Scouts from Bellefonte.
April 5: Whiteley’s Mills.
April 6: Piney Mountain.
April 16: (Co. “A”) Osage Branch King’s River.
April 17: Limestone Valley.
April 19: King’s River.
May 3 and 5: Near mouth of Richland Creek.
May 17-22: (Co. “M”) Scout in Northern Arkansas.
June 9-14 & June 20-24: Scout from Cassville to Cross Hollows.
July 20: Near Maysville.
August 15-24: Operations in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas.
August 23-26: Scout from Ozark, Mo., to Dubuque Crossing and Sugar Loaf Prairie (Detachment).
August 23-28: Expedition from Cassville, Mo., to Fayetteville, Ark. (Detachment).
August 24: Gerald Mountain and Mud Town.
August 29-December 2: Operations against Price.
October 7: Moreau Creek, Jefferson City.
October 9: Russellville.
October 9: California.
October 11-12: Near Booneville.
October 14: Fort Smith, Ark. (Detachment).
October 20: Dover.
October 21: Little Blue.
October 22: Independence, Big Blue and State Line.
October 23: Big Blue and Westport.
October 25: Little Osage, Mine Creek, Marias des Cygnes.
October 25: Engagement on the Marmiton, or Battle of Charlot.
October 28: Newtonia.
October 29: Upshaw’s Farm.
November 5-16: Expedition from Springfield, Mo., to Fort Smith, Ark.
November 6: Near Cincinnati, Ark.
November 11-21: Scout from Springfield to Huntsville and Yellville.
January, 1865: Ordered to Memphis, Tenn.
August: Duty there and in District of West Tennessee.
August 20, 1865: Mustered out.