1st Regiment Infantry

October, 1861: Organized at large August.
February 12, 1862: Company “K” organized.
Attached to Depts. of the Pacific and New Mexico.


October, 1861: In camp at Oakland.
December, 1861: Near Los Angeles, California.
November 20-29, 1861: Pursuit and capture of Showalter’s party at Warner’s Ranch, San Jose Valley (Cos. “F” and “G”).
December, 1861, duty until April, 1862: Moved to Fort Yuma (Cos. “B,” “D,” “F,” “H” and “I”).
April-10-September 20, 1862: Company “D” at San Diego. Companies “A” and “C” at Camp Latham. Carleton’s Expedition from Southern California through Arizona to Northwest Texas and New Mexico.
April 10-May 20: March from Fort Yuma to Pinos Villages, thence to Tucson.
April 15: Expedition up the Gila River and engagement at Pechecho Pass (Co. “I”).
July 20-August 15: March from Tucson, Ariz., across Desert to the Rio Grande River.
December 25: At La Mesilla.
December 25-30: Moved to Fort Craig.
October, 1866: Duty by detachments at posts in New Mexico and Arizona, Las Cruces, Los Pinos, Franklin, Texas; Forts West, Craig, Selden, Union, Cummings, McRae, Whipple and Sumner, and operating against Indians in the Districts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.
January 29, 1863: Skirmish at Pinos Altas Mine (1 Co.).
January 1 to March 9, 1862: Company “G” at Camp Wright, California.
July 19: Moved to Fort Yuma.
December 2: Moved to Tucson, Ariz.
April 20, 1863: At Messilla.
June 26: At Franklin, Texas.
June 26-July 3: March to Fort McRae.
July 19: Rio de Los Animos.
August 9-20, 1863: Expedition to Alamcito Mountains against Indians.
August 9-20, 1863: Expedition to Jornado Del Muerta.
August 26-29: Expedition to Jornado Del Muerta.
August 20-December 16, 1863: Operations against Navajo Indians.
September 15-October 5: Scout from Fort Wingate to Ojo Redondo (2 Cos.).
November 5-15 and December 5-7, 1863: Expedition against Indians in New Mexico.
July 6-24, 1864: Scout in Southeastern Arizona (Co. “D”).
August 4-September 15: Expedition from Fort Union (Detachment).
August 12: Affair, San Andreas Mountains (Detachment).
September 18-October 5: Scout in Cimarron River, Northeast N. Mex.
November 25: Engagement with Indians at Adobe Fort, on Canadian River, N. Mex (Cos. “A” and “K”).
April 28-May 13, 1865: Scout from Fort Cummings (Co. “G”).
October, 1866: Duty in Districts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.
October 21, 1866: Mustered out.