Robert D. Graham to Susanna Sarah Washington

Dear Mother

Hearing of a chance opportunity to send a letter to N.C. I drop you a line I hope Jimmie who I left in good health at Appomattox left on the 13th instant had reached home before this and informed up that John and myself are also doing well. I have about recovered the entire use of my leg and havent thrown away my crutch yet as I do not wish to suffer any further from my wound, if possible. John is improving much more rapidly than either had expected Uses two crutches and can get about the room very well He has not yet been paroled , but we do not suppose there will be any difficulty about it as some wounded officers have been paroled from the hospital here I reached here eight days ago was admitted to the United States Hospital as an outdoor patient The trip to Appomattox Court House injured me considerably, but as I before said I have almost entirely recovered. Shall start home by the first opportunity should like to get a horse and come through the country- it is so hard to find out when the rail roads will be in order Dave is still with me and anxious like myself to get home We are still with Mr Johnson- Capt Chambers of our Brig is with us, slightly wounded will start to N.C. with me lives near Statesville. Much love to Father sisters and brothers.

Your affectute son

R D Graham

Mrs Wm A Graham