Biden’s visit to Kenosha

Why is it that Black Lives Matter “martyrs” are almost all individuals with criminal records who were killed or seriously injured as they resisted arrest? One would think that if the narrative of a massive “systemic racism” problem plaguing the nation’s law enforcement were true, then BLM’s list would be largely if not entirely composed of individuals who were totally innocent and law-abiding — men and women who were minding their own business when they were suddenly attacked and shot by police for no apparent reason. The fact of the matter is that no such list exists in today’s America. But that fact doesn’t dissuade Democrats from playing the race card, as Joe Biden sought to do on Thursday.

Biden showed up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to offer his solidarity with BLM and those advocating for Jacob Blake, the black man shot by police because he resisted arrest. It was a blatant politically calculated move by Biden to counter President Donald Trump’s visit two days earlier and blame him for the violence that rocked the city. Did it work? Well, not for one resident who described it as “a publicity stunt” and said, “Just because you’re not Trump doesn’t mean you can just blame everything on him.”

In remarks made at a church in Kenosha (notably, the mainstream media never seems to have concerns over separation of church and state when it’s Democrats campaigning in churches, but we digress), Biden once again made reference to the oft-repeated leftist lie that Trump made comments in support of neo-Nazis and white nationalists back in 2017 following the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Biden blasted Trump, saying he “legitimizes the dark side of human nature.” What a classic case of projection.

Yet far from legitimizing the “dark side of human nature,” it has been Trump who has been consistently denouncing those instigating and perpetuating the violence, rioting, and spiking crime. And he has criticized state and city officials who have sat by and allowed it to continue.

Biden, on the other hand, offered cursory condemnation of violence in general, but he has refused to specifically call out those most responsible for the looting, burning, and destruction, namely leftist Black Lives Matter and antifa agitators.

Furthermore, the rank hypocrisy appears entirely lost on Biden. He repeatedly called out racism during his comments at the Kenosha church, and yet he appeared to have no problem meeting with Jacob Blake’s father, a supporter of the avowed anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who has himself repeatedly expressed anti-Semitic views on social media.

Finally, an observation regarding why Biden’s handlers have kept him hidden away in his basement these many months — the man is a gaffe machine. His campaign knows that whenever they let him out it’s a risk, and yesterday Biden didn’t disappoint. During one of his rambling comments, Biden strayed onto the topic of taxes. After evoking the classic Democrat talking point of needing to tax the rich more so they pay their fair share, he stated, “And I can lay out for you — I won’t now because they’ll shoot me.” Someone hand that man a teleprompter.