The truth is, the general public can’t handle the truth

Populated democratic news media throughout the nation today is discussing President Trump’s discussion with Bob Woodward about downplaying the Coronavirus, and that the virus is much more deadlier than it’s portrayed through our leaders, in attempt of bringing forth a negative opinion about the President.

It’s incredibly easy in today’s society to sit back, take a look at the aftermath, and then pick it apart, piece by piece. A virus hits the continent, and what, our leaders are to immediately tell the entire nation that they’re at risk of possible death due to an unknown virus? In theory, that’s exactly what we’re depending on our leaders to do. However, logically thinking, it’s something that perhaps our leaders SHOULDN’T do.

When you think back to the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in the United states, you’re reminisced of a great panic. People told strongly across media outlets to quarantine, shelter in place. Businesses having mandatory closures for a period of time, causing a large sum of small businesses to close permanently. Grocery stores being completely emptied of necessities that families use on a daily basis, including toiletries across the nation. The numbers of cases and deaths absolutely skyrocketing according to public health officials, and news media groups.

What’s not discussed, due to a political left-leaning majority media, are the crime rates that went up throughout the nation. Homes being burglarized for their food pantries. Truck drivers across the nation having their trailers vandalized throughout the night, and during business hours of delivering goods, for just a few examples.

The truth is, the general public can’t handle the truth. Such panic was spurred in the earlier days of the virus’ impacts to the US. However, we have to think about this as a nation, and individuals. The general public is unable to manage itself in today’s society. Having our leaders expose a new virus immediately without any form of reliable research into it, and then telling the nation about it, is the bare essentials of causing an absolute widespread panic across the US, and one that can be arguably debated in comparison to the panic we’ve experienced thus far.

Understandably, downplaying such a virus might of been the best thing for the nation in reality.

We understood the severity of it due to the warnings, closures, and continued mask mandates across the country. However, it has been decently managed in retrospect. With the outbreak of protests, and riots equally, it’s only expected that such cases are to rise again. It’s as if we’ve been temporarily stitched, and heading back out to a game of football, expecting everything to be fine.

To argue the alternatives if a different administration was in charge throughout the discovery of this virus is neither here, nor there. We can all make stipulations of what might of happened.

With the upcoming Presidential elections, such stories are found to be political gold for major corporations that are attempting to influence the minds of the people.