James Johnston

Colonel James Johnston was born (ca.1742 and died on July 23, 1805) in North Carolina. He was the son of Henry Johnston of Scottish descent. He was married to Jane Eward, the daughter of Robert Ewart. James Johnston was an early patriot of Tryon County, North Carolina. Later Lincoln County, North Carolina. James first entered the service of his country, as a captain of a company in the Winter of 1776,under then colonel William Graham. He was in many notable battles, but his most famous battle was the battle of Kings Mountain. In this battle he led the rear guard,as one of ten colonels. This rear guard consisted of about 90 men, under his command. He was called into the battle within the first 20 minutes of battle. He and his fellow colonels had a complete victory over the British and Tory forces. His militia unit was from the Mecklenburg military district. In his later life he was chosen as a delegate to the North Carolina, Provincial Congress, which met on the 4th of April in 1776. He was a fellow delegate with colonel Charles McLean.